Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back to Skool

There is excitement in the coop this week as Recharge has started a new term on her distant learning course.  She managed to get a D doing a Food Technology GCSE and ever since then (2 weeks ago) she has wanted to continue her education.  I wasn’t sure a D was that good but she has assured me that she double-checked and definitely thinks the D stood for ‘Damn Good Exam Paper’ (but I am a little D for Dubious although haven’t said anything to her or I’ll probably be D for Dead!) She’s moving into “the humanities” now which is sort of like sociology, you just study Humans I think. 
I myself don’t really believe in education.  I believe in personal development.  Self-education if you will.  I read a great number of novels, all the literary greats really (‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’/’The BFG’/’Where’s Spot’ (from the Spot the Dog Series.)  You don’t learn anything important from school really and they don’t teach you the important stuff.  (Some kids don’t even know what a snozzcumber is!)  No, the only subject I would always be keen to do more on is History.  It would be good to discuss this subject with other chickens who like it.  History is great because we get to hear lots of nice stories from the past.  My particular favourite History books include: ‘Trotsky’ by Richard Service, ‘Great Tales from English History’ by Robert Lacey and ‘the Bible’ by Anonymous.
Below is a picture of what chickens looked like in the past.  It is in colour which might give you the impression it is modern but it isn’t.  They look quite similar to us but as I said to Recharge this morning, “they must have led very different lives.”  She wrote that down on a scrap of paper because she said it was the deepest thing I had said all day.  So here’s to History and what we can learn from those chickens before us...