Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Choose... Life.

I know it’s been a while and for that we apologise.  In fact I did question whether this blog should continue or if it should be put to bed so to speak.  Without TripleA it seemed to have lost something fundamental.  But I pondered it some more and realised that this blog cannot die along with TripleA,  we all have to try and go on without her.  And through this blog we can remember her. 
The Man Woman tried to have a conversation with us about TripleA’s passing on.  She was inferring that there might be a Chicken Heaven and described TripleA as just going for a “long sleep”.  Now she’s either mental or a ManWoman of faith so we humoured her as much as we could.  These religious nuts are usually hard to placate so we were relieved it didn’t take long before she was returning inside.  We all know that TripleA has died and there is no coming back from that (we have all seen ‘Chicken Run’ so there is no fooling us).  Still she is well within her rights to try and make herself feel better so there was no need to let her down by being all negative and nihilistic about it in front of her.  Anyway she seems pretty distracted at the moment, really busy recently tapping away on her laptop.  She must have a blog too.
So yes we were the Three Amigos and now we are just Two.  Recharge has been quite philosophical about it all – says when it’s her time to go she’ll be ready – and I myself have been turning to poetry to get myself through the darker moments.  So onwards and upwards we are saying in the coop.  May TripleA not be forgotten and may we all... choose life.

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