Saturday, 30 July 2011

Stew Who?

Pretty quiet few days recently, just been chillaxing in the coop a lot.  E.g. the other day I moved from the perch to the nesting box and back again but didn’t even bother to go downstairs!  However that all changed last night when we thought the Man People had brought home another hen to join our gang!  Recharge and I both got really excited at the prospect of having another girlfriend round the place.  At about 7pm the Man Woman in the house called out “Chicken Stew’s Ready!” and the Big Man called down, “Great”.  And we were all waiting and waiting for her to emerge.  Stew is a bit of a weird name for a hen but we figured it was like those celebrity hens who call them things like Poppet and Peaches.  So we waited a little while more but no one came out.  There were no real noises inside from another hen, the Man People were just eating their dinner, so we figured maybe Stew would be turning up another night.  That was probably the highlight of our week so, as you can see, it hasn’t been the most exciting!  We hope to meet Stew soon!

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