Thursday, 4 August 2011

Fame - I'm going to live forever

A lot of hens ask me “Duracell why do you blog?  Is it all about the fame for you?”  To them I say this:  I’m not one of those birds who dresses up and does tricks, I’m not some circus animal or that penguin in the zoo who got his mug all over the front covers when they made him a wetsuit and he was like, “Ooh look at me, I’m wearing clothes, aren’t I clever...”  No I’m not like that at all.  I don’t want the attention, the fame.  I’m blogging for ME.  But if fame has to come into it then I say, bring it.  I’m ready for it.  In fact I am particularly ready for fame this week as, due to the very hot weather, I have been wearing shades.  I am below with a sheep I met who always wears shades.  He is called Barry White because he goes ‘Baaa’ and because he is white.  It’s a very clever name.  Laters dudes and dudettes... 

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