Monday, 8 August 2011

Looters Beware!

Obviously the talk in the coop has been one of concern at the current situation and sympathy for our sisters in London.  We’ve been hearing the reports – looters ransacking businesses, buildings on fire, windows smashed - so have been extra vigilant in the coop over the last couple of days, shoring up our defences and taking turns to look out for anyone who might be after our feed or water.  Recharge thought she saw something sneaking by in the dark last night and whispered, “Looter!”  Unfortunately I heard, “Hooter” and thought she was simply owl-watching again, so failed to respond.  If anyone was staking the place out they might have managed it.  We’re going to be extra watchful tonight.  Recharge has pointed out that this blog might be a good way of warning off potential chicken crims as they’ll know we are WATCHING them when they read this.  They should also know we are prepared to use force to defend ourselves.  See picture of me practicing below.  I am a yellow belt.  Right, I need to get some shut eye, we might be in for another long night... 

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