Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Wonderful ManPerson from Oz

The ManPeople went away last week and left us to look after a house guest in their absence.  He was a tall ManPerson with facial hair and a funny accent.  He apparently hails from somewhere called ‘Oz’ where the water in the loo flows backwards and they always put shrimps on barbies.  As you can tell they are a pretty peculiar bunch and we were a little alarmed to be left in charge of him. 
Fortunately however he was well-behaved and we got to know him quite well.  Recharge was able to chatter on about sport as he was well into his footie and of course, what with Man Utd beating Arsenal 8-2, they had plenty to talk about.  He also didn’t really know how often to feed us so we were dining out all weekend on an overflowing feed tray and fresh water on the hour.  He can stay again. 
We heard a little about chickens in his country and they don’t sound too different from us – wings, legs, breasts all in the right place etc.  I’m looking forward to meeting one of our Ozzie friends in the future.  We will all hang out and swap stories about the cultural differences between our two countries of origin.  That would be really fun I think.  Recharge and I have started saving up for the cost of getting us over there and we should be ready to go around 2047.  It will be a great trip.  I think they made a film about a Wizard who lives there so Recharge and I were thinking we could track him down first.      

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