Friday, 12 August 2011

Who Do I Think I Am?

I was watching ‘Who do you think you Are?’ with the delightful June Brown (aka Dot Cotton).  She is 84 by the way which is quite old in ManPeople years but to us chickens that is like being as Old as Time itself.  She is as old as my Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great GrandChicken.  Approximately.  Anyway the show is not as aggressive as it first sounds, it is actually a gentle romp through someone’s life charting their ancestors and finding out what happened to them all (mostly they die).     
I would like to be famous so that the ‘Who do you think you Are?’ production team would contact me.  It would be nice to travel around discovering little bits of information about my relatives.  I am quite an emotional bird so I would be excellent on the television as I would be bound to cry.  So if this blog ever does go global (I’ve already got fans in the States so there is a distinct possibility that this will happen soon) and you are from the production team of ‘Who do you think you Are?’ then I would be happy to join your show. 
TripleA used to bang on about her roots (her ancestors were all Penguin Hens too, the ones that walk and talk like our black and white friends – that’s not racist btw) and some of her relatives came from places as far flung as Norwich!  I would be keen to hear more about my genealogy and discover if I have any kind of exotic blood in me.  I believe my Father fathered many chickens, and certainly he wasn’t around when I was growing up, but I would like to know more about his side of the family, and my 4,796 1st cousins probably do too.  He himself was often busy (as you have heard) but an interesting sort but we were very much a female coop and sometimes I wonder how that has shaped me into the chicken I am today. 
Also I have heard tell that some chickens have all kinds of different blood in them and can look really weird.  Now I’m not judging but I have posted some pictures of some more freaky friends below so you can laugh at them.
p.s. if you are from the production team for ‘Big Brother’ I don’t think I would consider going on your show.  Even if it was the celebrity version.  Unless there is a massive amount of money involved.  Feel free to email me anyway because I suppose, if I get desperate, it could still be a good platform to launch me as an international brand. 


  1. So funny. The poor bald chicken must get pretty chilly in the winter.