Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hen Do Schmen Do...

We’re not talking to the ManWoman at all today as this morning she let it slip where she was over the weekend.  You won’t believe this reader but she went to... a hen do.  I know!   Where was our invite you are thinking I imagine?  So are we.

She has gone all sheepish about the whole thing and refuses to go into details about what she did on there.  I know there were loads of other hens on it though so Recharge and I were like, “Hello?” She was looking a bit tired so I imagine they talked a lot and ran about a great deal.  I bet they had some good water and some exciting feed to eat.  No party is ever really complete without grit in your food and she looks like it was some party.

I overheard her on the phone just now squealing away at what fun it all was and Recharge and I both agreed that we won’t be speaking to her for AT LEAST 48 hours.  And we’re going to have our OWN hen do in the coop tonight.  We’re getting in some fresh grass and we’re even considering inviting the rats from next door.  One is called Rambo and he is famous amongst his kind for having a really long tail AND knows all the words to a lot of the Dixie Chicks (a favourite band of ours).
So she’ll soon regret not inviting us once she hears how rockin’ it is in the coop tonight... 

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