Monday, 4 July 2011

A short story

So normally the People are pretty busy during the day, we get left alone to wander about the courtyard, dig up stuff, scratch stuff and poo in imaginative new places.  Today however has been a bit different because the Man Woman has been around all day, yappng on about her life.  She’s a talker at the best of times, but today she hit her PB.  She really had us bored to tears about some kind of short story she wrote that NEARLY won £1000 and NEARLY made it into Woman and Home (it’s one of Their mags, I’m personally more into ‘Practical Poultry’ – now there’s a mag that really tackles the issues of the day).  Anyway reading between the lines it was clear that she hadn’t come first, merely in the Top 10, and would only have her story printed on their website (and we all know anyone can write on the web - Man, Woman or Beast eh!) so I’m not sure why she is so keen to bang on about it.  Still she’s pretty happy and was singing while she was sweeping which, although she hasn’t got the greatest voice, was more exciting than listening to TripleA’s attempts to play his drum using just his beak (teeeeedious).  She sung a lot of Adele, who is slightly over-rated in my opinion mostly because not one of her songs ever talk about birds.  The good news is she was in such a daze she fed us twice.  Get in.  Here we all are in the garden together (I’m the one walking off as she tries to tell me the same story for the 18th time...)

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