Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wimbledon and the Weather

Really enjoying the sun when it’s out and been catching up on Wimbledon.  Totally intrigued by the women’s tournament at the moment, the Williams sisters are out so the competition is really open.  I’m a big tennis and golf nut so today was super exciting as Rory McIroy spent the day at Centre Court and then him and Murray had an interview on the BBC and it was interesting to hear from the both of them.  I like Murray but my heart will always really be with Tim.  Apparently Murray’s whole family are really good at golf.  I wish I could get my handicap down but my wing to eye co-ordination has never been great so I’m destined to struggle on!  The People we live with here play golf.  I think he might be a bit better than her because when they come back from their round she doesn’t talk about it very much and he is always smiling.  Maybe her wing to eye co-ordination is weak too? 
Aside from watching sport us girls have been working.  We’ve been churning out 2 eggs a day between the 3 of us and the People have been making a lot of pancakes!  It’s good to be appreciated, when we were in the Other Place no one ever commented on our egg production – morale was pretty low so there was no real motivation to make an effort and up the ante so to speak.  Every time we pop one out the People rush out and start announcing it, it makes you feel wanted you know. 
Hoping you are all enjoying the tennis and the heat, catch up with you all again soon! 

p.s. Don't you think Djokovic looks a little bit like a microphone?  A microphone with a steely resolve who could destroy you at tennis, but still....

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