Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Good Life

Sooooo.  We’ve been here nearly a week and things are getting far more normal.  I was chatting to Recharge about the benefits of our new home, and the negatives.  We came up with this list:
Here –
Increased living space.
A varied diet.
Internet access.
More down time.
There –
Always someone to talk to (friends). 
The feeling of being part of a large community.  
The feeling that you were in a cage.
Overall we think we have definitely benefitted from the move.  It has been great to get to know Recharge a little better. Moving Day was weird as we hadn’t actually met before then.  I knew Recharge by reputation (he was pretty popular in Row 3 but our cage tended to hang out more with Row 6 and 7) but I had never met TripleA.  She won’t mind me saying it but she’s quite a freaky looking bird (she thinks she’s a penguin – I know!!)  I’ll post a photo of her below so you get the idea.  She got really cross when I took this – said it was her bad side.  This coming from a bird that can turn her head round like 180 degrees or something.  Whatever!  Anyway we didn’t move in the same circles AT ALL.  She came from Row 17, so was more down the Window End and I was Near-To-The-Barn Door End.  The Window lot are obviously slightly bizarre – Triple A said there were other ones like her but I never saw them.
Here is a photo of her. 

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