Monday, 20 June 2011

Retirement - The Reality

Hey guys, so we’re really getting to know the place now.  All getting along OK (there have been some moments where I just think “Man I wish I was back in Row 5 with my buddies”) but overall a good atmosphere in the coop.  And the People are giving us treats.  We’ve had water AND layered pellets to eat.  Tasty as.  So aside from blogging you’re probably wondering what I do with my time.  Well at the moment I am living quite a relaxed life.  Retirement has been new and it’s hard to tell myself sometimes to SLOW DOWN.  There’s no need for all the rushing and the laying of my working life, I am here to lie back and enjoy life.  So I’m going to take a chill pill (not an actual pill, I’m not that kind of hen!) and take a moment or two to think what I want from it all.  I’m also thinking of taking up some hobbies.  Maybe watercolours. 
I’ll keep you guys posted.  And before I go, here is a picture I saw that really inspired me this week.  It’s like, the world or something.  Clever.

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