Sunday, 12 June 2011

Settling in and setting up!

Wow an exciting first few days!  Despite the rain I’ve been feeling quite chipper really.  Been on the internet a little, getting a feel for it.  I’ve got a profile on Twitter now AND got my first few followers.  I wanted to follow people with ‘similar interests’ so typed in ‘Eggs’ to begin with and got all sorts of people up.  Am planning on following quite an eclectic mix though – I’m not JUST interested in chicken stuff - I’m so much more than that.  And that is the great thing about the internet I think – there are just so many people to connect with.  Oop... that was a bit of a battery gag for you there (old habits die hard!) but you get my meaning.  Oh, the FUNNIEST thing that happened today (this will crack you up... oop there I go again, an egg pun now, I can’t help myself can I?!) is that I followed this ‘hen party’ thinking “Yeah they’ll be tweeting about good times” and then realised they weren’t talking about actual hens you know!!  It was something totally different!!  Anyway that had me chuckling for a while this morning.  Crazy times! 
Catch you all later.  Or laters yeah (that’s like street talk).

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