Friday, 10 June 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi guys!  Well I suppose I better introduce myself.  “The Chatty Chicken” was my idea for my blog as, well, I suppose I am the talker of the group.  I’ve always been chatty, like to keep things light, so I thought this blog was perfect.  A good place for me to air my views, meet people of a similar mindset and generally communicate.
So here is a photo of me and my homies (they hate it when I call them that!)  We’re ex-battery hens, now living the dream in our retirement.  On the right you’ve got Recharge, on the left there is TripleA and I’m in the middle (the good-looking one), Duracell. *would be waving to you if it wasn't a still photo!*
So we were re-homed on June 8th 2011 (we’ll have to go into that later, it was all pretty traumatic... Triple A is yet to speak) and now we live in a luxury apartment in the nice bit of Royal Berkshire.  “Is there a bad bit?”  I hear you cry, well yes actually, but I don’t want to be negative in the intro.
So the Man People who have taken us in are nice.  He has strong hands and a soothing voice and She is a bit nervy but quite fun to talk to.  He is sort of a normal man person (not dissimilar to the guys who worked in the Other Place) and she looks sort of like the Man Women we used to see on calendars on their walls.  Only she smiles more and wears a few more clothes.  Anyway they seem pretty cool so we should have some fun times.
I’m not going to babble on for hours on my first post, suffice to say they’ll be plenty of time for that later!  Ha, ha.  So welcome one and all, I look forward to making your acquaintance...

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