Thursday, 23 June 2011

Politics Yah

So I was chatting to the other girls today about some global issues.  Politically we’re quite a mix.   I suppose I’m a little bit on the right, quite an old school conservative (‘if the coop aint broke don’t fix it’ kind of outlook) but TripleA is way more to the left, a real champagne socialist, always spouting on about equal rights for all animals (hello, did she never read ‘Animal Farm’?) and the bleeding environment.  She would just let it all hang out.  “That sounds like it would be anarchy” I hear you cry.  Exactly – she’s a real hippy chicky.  Recharge is more on my wave length when it comes to politics, a realist, she certainly nods a lot when I discuss the changes being made at the moment so we had a really good chat this morning over the water bowl. It got quite heated at one point as TripleA overheard us from the nesting box and Recharge managed to change the conversation so we didn’t have a row.  We talked about less controversial topics.  Will Cheryl Cole get back together with Ashley and do we think Kate Middleton is just a “clothes horse” or is she so much more?  You know the kind of convo.  That’s what retirement is, time to talk, to share, to chat.  The People have been pretty quiet this week.  Apparently he’s away doing something called ‘surfing’ but it sounds like nothing to do with the internet.  She’s been letting us out LOADS in the garden and we’ve made sure to eat all the heads of the carrots they were growing for us in gratitude.  They’re ace.  Ooh here she comes now actually with some fresh water.  I’ll just get offline and go and say hello...

Will they, won't they eh?

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