Tuesday, 12 July 2011

It's not just the NOTW that can hack!

Hi guys, it’s Recharge here.  This is Duracell’s blog and she gets really shirty if we try and contribute, she’s well  protective about it.  But we stole her password (‘Ilovecock’ – so obvious) and so now we have free rein.  Ha ha ha.  So we’ve read our descriptions from earlier, (er... hello, where are they?) and we figured you didn’t know a great deal about us two (the coolest two – well actually Triple A will admit herself that she’s the “geeky one”).  Anyway I’m Rechargeable (my friends call me ‘Recharge’ for short, and they do it in a kind of we’re-from-the-ghetto-voice too) and I’m probably the most energetic of the bunch.  I’m good over long distances, never been a sprinter.  I like to work hard and play hard and I’m currently the hen churning out the most eggs (*clicks wings). 
Triple A here, although I’m not really into sports I’m not a total geek either!  I can still have fun!  I’m a big fan of Word Games.  The best day of my life EVER was beating Duracell in a game of Scrabble (it was down to the wire but then I managed to pull out CLUCK and got the ‘K’ on a ‘Triple Letter’ spot, then hit the ‘Double Word’ which meant 30 points already in the bag.  Duracell was open-mouthed but could do nothing and I swept to victory).  And I’m also a big reader, love all the literary novels, historical fiction, anything with a good story really – think McEwan does really with his descriptive passages and thought ‘Atonement’ was fantastic – a really compelling love story.  I have to be honest at this point and admit that I didn’t enjoy ‘Saturday’ (I kept waiting for the book to get going and then realised it was about his Saturday and not even much happened on it- he played squash I think, anyway...)  I've also read a lot of non-fiction, I'm really fascinated in Tudor History - and not just the chicken stuff but the stuff about People too.  And of course I'm also a big fan of the classics, particularly the Austen novels, but then who isn’t hey?!  Ooh, hold on, Duracell is calling for us and we better log out before she works out we’ve been here.  She’s walking over here now...

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